Sleeping Beauty Returns to Work and the Much Awaited Match Report is Found

With the Gaffer’s words , ” Don’t dive in ” ringing in their  collective ears City took to the grass pitch with a single purpose.
Well that was the plan. What followed was a frustrating afternoon that ended as it began 0 – 0.

First half : City started off with their usual players : Rick J in goal, Gideon and Ray bookending Jenkins and Snowball, behind Harrison, Hughes, Emery and Sims with Rick P. and  Jenkins [The Other] as strikers.
Both sides had evenly distributed passages of possession without really threatening the opposition  goal.
These periods  were identified by crisp one touch passing and fluid [ age appropriate ] movement.
City’s best effort came after some excellent work  by Rick, who chased down a ‘ lost cause’ before laying the ball back to The Maltese  Maestro.
His cross/shot looked to be heading far the far post for a knock back and tap in ending when it struck the crossbar and bounced clear.
Paul E. narrowly escaped the Gaffer’s rage after several attempts to get the ball when he ”  _ _ _ _ _   _ _”. [Prize for the first correct entry.]
To sum up the first half ; City did not demonstrate their normal relaxed possessional play

Gary’s half time summation almost ended in disaster when while making a theatrical gesture he almost collapsed over some  carefully placed motorcycle apparel [that’ll teach him not put me on from the start !!]

Second half : More or less same as the first with some moments of madness.
Gaffer thought new blood would raise our stocks.
Lamb replaced Sims in left midfield and played an absolute blinder ! [just ask him]
Ash replaced Jenkins M. and provided a strong target , holding the ball until midfield arrived.
Later in the second half Eddie ‘ Mauritian Magician ‘ replaced Steve ‘Boro Botherer’ Harrison in midfield
Both teams continued to nullify each other with the game providing each side with  periods of possession without really threatening.
Rick J was called into action when Endeavour’s endeavour [see the play on words] saw the ball in close proximity to his left hand post before dribbling out for a corner.
With about 15 minutes remaining this Week’s Moment of Madness goes to Gideon.
With the Endeavour Hills player facing away from goal, a challenge was made that even with rose coloured glasses could only be described as ‘suicidal’.
The referee was left with a tough decision [ NOT  ! ] and duly awarded the penalty.
Rick’s reputation resulted in a Steve Brown type effort [ ie rolled meekly past the upright, on the wrong side ] for the game to remain at loggerheads. [Nice place just south of Aberystwyth, located near the confluence of the rivers Ystwyth and Rheidol]
But I digress, City had several more crisp one touch passage of play  [OT pop ] { This was going to be ‘ passages of outstanding play ‘ but that would have made it ‘poop’ } without result.
Sadly late in the game Andy Hughes suffered an achillies strain. Hopefully he will only miss a couple of weeks.

The beer and food  [Completos {Chilean Hot Dog variation] on offer was very tasty.

Summary : Sort of like kissing your sister , I’m lead to believe !!