Eric Lamb

Another hot sunny day saw Legends facing Riff Raff. Game started and it was one way traffic from the start. Riff Raff rarely threatened and it was only from long hopeful balls for their forwards to chase.

2 minutes : good work , fast one touch passes ,down the LHS from Uwe, Mo, Rob Toth andParky ended in a weak cross |shot easily taken by the RR keeper.
3 mins Rob Toth  cross from the left just too deep for fast finishing Harrison.
5 mins Mishit goal kick intercepted by Mo who juggled the ball before being dispossessed  in a crowd.
7 mins Mo crossed from the RHS was deflected for a corner.

8 mins saw a big scare for Legends as Riff Raff almost capitalised on a rare attack,
A long ball was allowed to bounce Mick was left to challenge the forward . Riff Raff striker managed to direct the ball to the Legends only for Paul Emery to clear off the line.
9 mins Riff Raff had another long range effort that was easily taken by Mick.
10 mins Ron Sinclair played a ball to Mo who ran down the left wing before cuttting it back to Ron who had continued his run but his shot was high and wide.

14 mins Ball was passed to Gary by Ron but the effort was intercepted by the RiffRaff keeper.
16 mins Free kick on Mo saw some Barcelona style play attempted by Rob Toth and Steve Harrison. Sadly the step over touch had not been practiced in training and resulted in a half hit shot.
Just after the drinks break Legends continued to probe down theLHS. And some intricate triangle play between Mo, Rob Toth and 22 mins saw the decisive moment in the game. Fine work again down the Left wing by Rob Toth and Ron Sinclair saw Mo free in the box when he was fouled. The resultant penalty was dispatched into the bottom right corner by Ron Sinclair.
1-0 to LEGENDS.

25 mins Long ball down the RHS ( for a change ) saw Rod Boyte cross the ball to Mo who was fouled, sadly this time out side the box. The free kick was driven high.
Approaching the HT break saw a flurry of activity from Riff Raff . A long shot from distance  and a breakaway was tracked by Emery and played out for a throw.
HT saw a 1-0 lead to Legends, while a handy lead did not reflect the Balance of play.
The break saw some changes, Gideon, Erick Snowball, Frank and Andy Hughes entered the fray.
A surging run into heart of the Riff Raff defence by Gid resulted in a shot off target by Toth. The resulting goal kick was intercepted by Parky , ball slipped through to Energy Bunny Sinclair who then fed Andy on the right he crossed from the by line but it was blown over the bar by the ever present wind.

Legends continued to threaten. Ron put Bongo down the RHS but his cross was deflected for a corner. Parky put in another calculated corner. Catela rose ( get it ) to power it home but instead pushed it wide.
Shortly after yet another cross from Parky saw SteveHarrison glance his header wide.
Ron Sinclair continued to create in midfield and was fouled approx 25 metres out. Parky’s chip was fumbled by the keeper but he was able to regain his composure and the ball  before any Legend could seize the moment.
Repeatedly crosses were pumped into the box without any payoff. Rod Boyte narrowly missed a header.

Things warmed up when Parky crossed again, the hallways spilled by the keeper and Rod Boyte’s shot was cleared off the line
Legends continued to push and their previously fruitless endeavour was finally rewarded when Good running by Mo down the left wing saw Rob Toth played into space and his SUBLIME cross floated into right hand corner. Legends 2 Riff Raff 0
Andy Hughes surged into the Riff Raff half was cynically cut down as he headed for goal. A yellow card was light punishment. Gary took the subsequent free kick but his shot was hit wide right.
Final score Legends 2-0 winners.

Summary. Game dominated by Legends , score line not an accurate reflection of the actual play. A strong team performance tarnished by lack of finishing.

Muppet Moment : Steve Harrison got confused when trying to explain about a company called CCI before realising  that it was his own company.

BMW Man of Match : Too hard to separate but those of you involved in the Samosa triangle passing and central midfield runs, take a bow lads. Job well done.