Blood, Sweat and Tears

Erick – The source of all three

Here we go again, another Saturday game and the hunt for players begins!  The call goes out as usual and we wait with baited breath to see who will respond before the chase starts in earnest. The days come and go and by Wednesday evening we have a grand total of 7 available! Hang on, maybe someone’s forgotten to tell me and it’s 5 a side – perfect were on! A quick Email to my partner in crime and the sobering reality sets in, oh F*%#@ (for Pete’s sake).

But wait, how could I forget, not everyone’s responded? That was silly of me, I never have everyone get back to me in time. All is not lost, another quick Email to the offenders and we’ll be right – they must be really busy.

Thursday night – they must be really very busy!

More emails and phone calls and by Friday morning we have 10 – looking better but I hope this not an omen of what is to come!

Saturday 11.00am game time, WTF, we have 14! Where did they come from?? This is looking good.

The game starts and we are looking comfortable – not completely on song but ok. Our midfield is controlling play and Beaumaris is not presenting any consistent attacking threat and playing very much on the break. Despite this, the first 15 minute saw two long range Beaumaris shots hit the crossbar and the post. It’s a funny old game Saint- our luck must be in!

Talk about luck – the 20 minute mark saw a break down the City right flank and a pinpoint pass cut across goal to the oncoming Johnny More who, like a thunderbolt, cracked it back in the direction it came, completely fooling the keeper who was diving for his near post – well that’s what he would have done if his legs hadn’t turned to spaghetti with the ball barely making it across the line. I couldn’t work out if the keeper was in fits of laughter or just totally mesmerised by Johns’ spaghetti impersonation but either way he fell in a heap, unable to get a hand to the ball.  1 – 0 to City.

Continuing on with their raiding tactics and aided by The Gaffer playing the highest line he has played in years, the long ball was starting to cause the City defence problems. Aided and abetted by an ill-timed game of statues when the referee simply refused to blow his whistle and allow people to move, it was not long before the equaliser was scored.

Undeterred and determined not to be proved wrong, The Gaffer again bravely carried on with his high press, convinced it would yield results! It did, unfortunately the beneficiaries were Beaumaris. The second goal quick on the heels of the first after a majestic headed flick on by yours truly and Mario who had decided he wasn’t getting enough of the ball on the right so tried to steal it off me! 

Not satisfied that we had given the opposition enough of a head start, The Gaffer sportingly gave the ball to one of the Beaumaris players and pointed in the direction of goal. City 1 Beaumaris 3

The second half was much of the same with City initially dominating position but making little headway in the final 3rd, Beaumaris attacking on the break but seemingly comfortable with their lead. But wait a minute wasn’t that a breathtaking save my Graham diving low to his right in the first 5 minutes of the half?

The other main highlight of the half was yours truly making an intercepting header from a Beaumaris goal kick. Well, it would have been an intercepting header if it had not been for the back of Martin O’Malley’s head getting in the way! Blood, blood and more blood – from who we didn’t know. At least we got an opportunity to try out the new First Aid kit which turned out to be extremely well appointed – well done Gaffer, good choice!

The rest was a complete blur apart from Beaumaris playing keep ball, I think – final Score City 1 – Beaumaris 3

Memorable Moment – Yours truly thinking “not again” as I saw the blood from Harry Potter scar #2!

Muppet Moment – self nominating yours truly for trying to head the ball through an opposition player just to see how good the First Aid Kit was. And of course how could we forget Craig putting on his head/shirt running around with #15 on his chest?

Best on ground – Glenn Shaw for an excellent bit of skill running the line and not complaining because he didn’t get a run!

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