Another Game of Two Halves

(AKA: “ if we thought it was hard to score first half – wait for the 2nd half”)

John Motson and Jimmy (Chinner) Hill

The first challenge of the night was retaining the carefully nurtured and fragile psychological state of the City team as they rocked up to Park Avenue to find the cheeky opposition had camped all night to secure the “home” change rooms and throw a spanner in the game plan for City.

But the boys in blue were un-phased and eagerly familiarised themselves with the new abode as they settled into pre-match banter.

City took to the field with a line up of Attwood, Park, Starfrace, Stock, Gough, Sciola, Singh, Brown, Harrison (who had secure a pass-out from his new domestic duties), Moore, Whan, Jenkins Jnr, Caridi and Sims .

Note and disclaimer courtesy of our illustrious legal sponsor :  The following narrative excludes names to protect the guilty.

The redacted elements include :

S. Har_______son

P. __ridi

M. ___s

_. _ro__

The 1st half started with City stamping their authority in midfield and before long there were 2 well crafted chances that nearly resulted in goals. The radar was switched on (really?) and City attackers were hungry (and remained in a state of severe malnutrition all game).

The signs were good with an increased level of creativity in the final 3rd to provide opportunities which were not converted but kept the Beauy side under the pump.

Then against the run of play, a burst from the Beauy striker resulted from a poorly conceded turnover had the City defence flat-footed. The striker took full advantage and the final 1 on 1 with the keeper did not worry him.

1-0 and City wondering what had happened.

The game resumed and City kept pressing.  Another 2 chances soon materialised but a header wide and a shot saved kept City scoreless.

At the other end, the back 4 kept their heads and Park’s vision and calm control of the defence and swift transition thru’ Moore and Sciola kept much of the possession in the Beaumaris half.

The half time whistle came and the team looked up for a positive performance 2nd half still scratching their heads about how the score line remained 1-0 against. 

So the 2nd half started and up-beat pressure from City continued the foray on the Beauy goal.

Once again, good attacking moves down the flanks with dangerous crosses were common and a multitude of shots, headers, challenges and speccies did not hit the onion bag.

Finally a stroke of genius from City – firing in a corner that:

  1. was in the air
  2. avoided the mass of defenders
  3. managed to get well into the penalty area

Harrison positioned himself well and got his right boot onto the ball resulting in a deft flick flying passed the keeper into the net.

A well-deserved equaliser 1-1

With renewed vigour, the City boys pressed harder and secured a free kick on the edge.

Parks stepped up and knocked in a swerving shot that beat everyone but the bar.

By this stage all the City attack line were sniffing for goals.

Suffice to say the killer last touches from inside the 6 yard box were missing in action with posts, keepers and cross bars coming to the rescue for Beaumaris.

City did everything but score – many chances were created but luck and clinical finishing were absent on the night.

Any other game could have been a 5-0 win – but football can be a funny game.

The “woodwork” was the loser tonight – with a hefty repair bill for the bent cross bar resulting from the “nearly goal” from 2 metres out from our illustrious striker (sergeant someone?)

On the bright side – securing a point and getting something from the game was good and the way City created chances was very positive. 

Muppet Moment(s) – Can’t split the difference Pauli and Brownie for missing when it was easier to score! 

BOP – Can’t split the difference – Martin Park and Johnny Moore – class! 

Memorable Moment – From my biased position , some banter between the ref and City keeper about getting the ball back from the corner flag for a goal kick whilst busy helping Maurice work out what position he was supposed to be playing in. This was the ref who was very happy actually taking a kick off himself and taking a corner in a previous game (so he can go and fetch the F___king ball himself if he likes it that much).

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